Spoopy devlog #5

Hallowed be the halls to spaghetti games office, hidden deep behind walls that whisper back. Silently they sit, feverishly they toil. In darkness pieces of that horrid beast are put together. Slowly. Surely. The spaghetti five cackle in anticipation of the final touches…

Copy of Halloween-2.gif

A truly spooky Terrarium


Hey everyone! Welcome back to another devlog, and it is certainly the season to be spooked. Since the last update things have gotten a lot busier over here at spaghetti games. We all got a little kick in the boots when we met some fellow developers from Indietopia ,the Game Bakery and GameBCN (many thanks to Oscar Sahun) to talk about PR and marketing and how important it is. Because it seems like for a lot of games, good PR really makes or breaks whether or not it ‘succeeds’. So expect to hear a lot more from us from now on!

On another note, we’ve begun working with Harm-Jan, a wonderful sound designer and composer. He’ll be developing some sweet soothing tunes and sounds for TerraGardens and we’re supper excited to hear the results. We’ll be sharing snippets of what you might get to hear in game soon, so stay tuned!


That’s all from us, we’re going to take a short break… *bone rattling* I-I mean going straight back to work. There’s no rest when you’re on the graveyard shift huh?

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