Devlog 8: Devlogs

The most ancient of pantheon secrets, not so for ill-intent or secrecy’s sake is purpose given anew. Lo, the earth wrest from oblivion is not the pantheons own making entirely. An oracle would be blind to ignore that which was born from worlds known to them. For innumerable worlds are crafted by the pantheon, to re-purpose that already used is logical. Sanity is scarce a commodity for the pantheon.

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed this weeks cryptic creation myth story. I wonder if you all actually enjoy it or if they just confuse everyone. Do please let me know on social media! Anyway, today I’ve got an announcement actually, we are currently in works developing an asset pack for Unity! Asset pack? Not just any asset pack, a Low-Poly Fantasy Forest pack of assets!

Pine Tree’s!

If you don’t know what an Asset pack is it’s quite simple. It’s a package of tools or game objects someone could use to populate their game or prototype with art close to what they would want in the final game. It really helps with rapid prototyping, and making B games like infamous ‘Getting over it with Bennet Foddy’. Unity has a great big store where everything from sewer rat models to teapot textures are available. Cool right? It’s going to be full of beautiful tree’s, logs and glowing crystals. All essential bits of a classic fantasy forest. In fact if you’ve been following the devlogs so far you may have caught a peek at some of them from last week. Progress has been good, and if all goes well we expect to be able to publish it by next week!

You’ll definitely hear more about it from us moving up to that, especially about the submission guidelines, what a nightmare! Until give us a shout on the socials ; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Let us know what you’d expect to find in a magic forest, a hybrid squirrel rabbit, maybe a old broomstick?

If you’re curious to see some of the models being made for the pack you can find pictures here.

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