Devlog 10: A new year, a new devlog.

Pauza”  Ancient wisdom borne from the pantheon. Never would a undertaking go long absent one. As gods knew that unfettered toil would sap their caring creativity, only broken creations would only spill forth from their epic forges. It is prophesied such a Pauza would happen when the sun set lowest on the horizon and last 2 fortnights. When the sun returned so too would the gods return to the forges of creation.

“Pauza”. It means pause in an ancient tongue.

HAPPY NEW YEARS! A little late for most of us, and a little early for a few of us. Spaghetti Games is back from our extended holiday, and exams with renewed vigor and hunger for terrariums! We’ve got lots of plans for the coming months with something big slated for the end of march. So you’ll really want to stay tuned from now on.

  • A bulleted list for our plans in the next month!
    • Publish that asset pack! Again!
    • Alpha Build!
    • A new banner for the website and other less superior sites.
    • Some more social media stuff!
    • Something big at the end of march!
Alpha build on the horizon :0

So! First things first, Asset packs are hard to publish. There’s multiple pages of things that must go perfectly to be accepted. The most important of which are the key images, those images that people will see first when they are looking through the asset store. They are a finicky bunch and have some very strange aspect ratio and dimension requirements. A pixel off and it doesn’t count! Be rest assured though, the review team is real thorough about letting you know what needs fixing to be up to standard, making it fairly easy on publishers to make the necessary fixes.

A rejected key image: notice the edges on the trees.

We’re also almost ready for Alpha build! That means we can start testing the game outside the team and really get this puppy on the road. A few features are still waiting to make it in, and if you come back next week. We might just give you a sneak peak into it’s development đŸ˜‰

So thanks for checking out this devlog! It’s good to be back, and devlogs will be returning to regular weekly schedule. As always let us know what you think on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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