DevBlog #3

Hey everyone, and welcome to another TerraGardens Devblog!

So we’ve been quite busy these past few weeks working on material for the BCN Game awards. Working ourselves silly to get a fancy trailer shot and edited, a lot of skills we have to learn on the fly since none of us had done anything like it before! It was exhausting and perhaps not as polished as some Triple A game trailers, but we’re proud of it! If you haven’t seen it yet then not to worry, its right here for you’re viewing pleasure. We hope you like it!


Now that its done though, we’re gearing up towards working on our Kickstarter campaign. It’ll help us support ourselves and the business of setting up a business (business is busy work). We’ll be able to work with a professional sound designer, for the crisp dulcet tones we know the Terragardens will need! All this and more being organized. We’re also thinking up stretch goals that you all might like, let us know on Twitter what you think would be cool!

That’s all for now! Stay Tuned for more details about the Kickstarter and just general game stuff! Stay strong fellow nerds!

Talk to us on socials! Please! The programmers are lonely.



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