DevBlog 2?!

Time passed in the hallowed realms of Spaghetti Game’s kitchen. Progress on the latest recipe was steady, marching onward. Here lie chronicles of Terra Gardens second chapter:

Dev Blog Number 2! Feels like this is going to become a habit. In our last post we talked about where we were in roughing out an art style for the game and basic gameplay in the prototype. Since then we’ve made some progress into developing the art style further by constructing some mock ups of what we think terrariums would look like in the future:


The Zen garden: a calm peaceful well groomed garden.


Park / forest terrarium: A nice forested area, quite but full of life and nature. They’re both so nice we didn’t know which one we wanted to focus on! So we ask you guys on twitter! Thanks for all the great responses, we’ll try take them all into consideration!

Some plants and decorations to put in the zen garden.

Finally, we’ve made some headway with the demo, making it playable and all that. Developing the UI and Save/Load functionality, so when you make a terrarium it doesn’t get lost to the void where all unsaved progress goes. So here’s a really cool GIF of that. Our developers told us that, so it must be true.


And here’s a GIF of some placeholder UI, if you’re into that sorta thing. You weird person you.

So! Things are moving along with no hiccups so far. A few of the team are going abroad soon, which might slow us a little. Fear not though, Terra Gardens will always be our number one priority! We’re looking towards really gearing up progress towards our demo, so stay tuned!

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