Dev Blog #1

In the beginning there was salt water, and it boiled. Suddenly pasta, a flood of tomato sauce and sprinkling of herbs. Spaghetti Games was born, hungry to build the tastiest games the world had ever seen. Together the spaghetti six, skilled in their craft, planned the forging of a great game capable of entertaining thousands! Here lies the chronicles of their progress, trials, successes and failures. Read on and find out what became of their first creation: Terrarium Gardens.

Welcome to our very fist devblog! If you don’t know us already we’re Spaghetti Games, a group of game development students out to make a name for ourselves! We recently landed a huge gig thanks to¬†Indietopia in grand old Groningen, the Netherlands. And we’re very eager to get rolling on our first big game with them.

So what are we making? Terrarium Gardens is a calming and relaxing gardening experience, cultivating lush ecosystems from various biomes, real and mystical. Aimed at mobile platforms. With a simple and extensive customization tool set in production you’ll be able to build your terrariums as you wish. Though you’ll have to make sure the terrarium can be self-sustainable when you seal it up!

We’re pretty early on in development and are currently working to build a playable demo of the game. Working on concept art, testing colour pallets and modeling styles as you can see above and below.

We’ve also made some headway developing the terrarium tools. Working on being able to place objects, resize and rotate them, and the whole thing too

Moving ahead we’re looking to add terrain manipulation tools to the demo and continually develop our art style. Stay tuned to for more devblogs or catch us on twitter @GamesSpaghetti.

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