Dev: 12 logs under the tree

In floating length, lie upon the digital sea
here to there, there to here connected.
the powers that are agree
fall! they shall to specks,
So plain in view to see.
Three dimensions is one too many.
- a poem about vertices

Good news everyone! The asset pack got published! Wohooooooo!

thanks but what did you think of my poem?

Not too long after we made our third application actually. So there really is something to this third times the charm deal after all. We’ve got a nice big page on the unity store, and we can say that we’re officially a publisher! It a huge deal for us right now, but and hopefully it’ll be precedence for other applications.

In other news, our artists have been working on something really cool to replace our old website banner. We wanted a concept that we thought would communicate the fun but messy business of making a terrarium, but with the clean beauty a well crafted terrarium.

Here are a few sketches drafted on that idea. All very nice, but there was a clear winner.

a nice line art rendition of the chosen concept

To make sure that it would fit the dimensions of all the social media sites (each one having its own requirements and all that) A very large 3280×1248 or about 4x the Facebook banner dimensions of 820×312. With some technical wizardry it’ll give us some crisp images that’ll look good even on a retina display. Which would be really nice for anyone with one.

The next step was to block out colors in photoshop, with lost of darker colors.

Then a full rendering of the colors and shapes in illustrator. After that it was a matter of finding the right font to use, and we tried a lot of different fonts.

Then some final touches here and there with some post processing. Which gives us this final version: Behold!

We’ll upload the new banner to our various socials, which you should definitely check so you can tell our artists what you think of the banner! We’re still on Twitter, Instagram and of course Facebook. Check in next week, i’ll be talking about project management tools. It a lot of fun, trust me 🙂

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