D_ _ Bl _ g 9: Give me an A.

Creation stories are never simple or straightforward. They are often knotted with complex characters, chaotic events and changes or embellishments passed down between generations. It doesn’t help that the gods sometimes forget to write anything down.

Busy Busy Busy! Things are real busy here at Spaghetti Games as we get things ready for the release of our first asset pack which were calling (insert name). It’s lovingly handcrafted by our artists with 57 cool fantasy forest assets, and comes with 7 texture maps for different settings. Optimized for PC and mobile platforms. It’s a great package of assets, but don’t take my word for it you can see for yourself.

Packaging asset packs is tough work though and there are a lot more steps than you would expect. It’s almost done however and should be live early next week. We’ll be sharing some post publishing details of how things worked out and helpful tips to keep things sane the next time we do this. It might even come in handy for you. You never know!

As always you can find us on the social media’s, and Spaghetti games hopes you never drop your spaghetti.

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