Meet the team:

Ewan Fenwick:Profile Picture.png

Hello! My name is Ewan; I’m one of the programmers on the team. I enjoy long programming sessions on the beach and Code-a Coladas. More seriously I’m an avid climber, sailor and Magic the Gathering player. When I’m not doing any of that stuff I’m the Dungeon Master for the other nerds featured here.

Throughout my life I have been heavily inspired by games like Dark Souls and Ori and the Blind Forest; games that craft a rich story and pair it with exceptional gameplay.



Alice Ursu:

I’m Alice and I’m one of the artists in the team. My hobbies include cosplay, music and making sure my house plants don’t die. I started out as an hobbyist illustrator and a big video games fan , nowadays I enjoy a lot of multiplayer games that I play with my friends and my team on a daily basis.


pixel duck biiiiig

Nikolas Lanjouw:

Resident design nerd. Would rant about indie games for money. Loves to play sports, with favoritism to volleyball, badminton and kite surfing. Enjoys cooking international cuisine when the time allows it. Sometimes makes games and puts them on


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Deandra Basnawi:

I’m Dea, one the artists for the team. I’m Indonesian and I enjoy drawing, over analyzing media and 3D modelling. In my spare time I enjoy playing multiplayer games with the rest of my team members



Alex Boswell:Icon

I’m one of the developers on the team, I enjoy eating spaghetti in front of the computer while reading the mess that I just wrote. Aside from developing I also do narrative work for the team and enjoy writing short stories in general, when I’m not in front of the computer I enjoy walking and trying out cafes and restaurants. From time to time I would eat only pasta for five days straight.