Devlog 18?

-devlog 18

Finally back from our travels! It’s been a fun two weeks of events, and most of us are exhausted and recovering from convention flu as per usual. It was a lot of fun to get to go to these industry events, the first time for many of us. Though it hasn’t been all fun and games. Some of the team stayed behind and they’ve made quite a bit of progress on the game! We’re pretty excited to show you something new:

We’ve got some new UI going. Players can now store and sort through the terrariums they’ve made and place them inside the greenhouse. It makes it a lot easier to manage which ones you have. You’ll be able to name them soon and give them a short poetic description.

The art is really starting to come together! Our artists have been hard at work the last few months and the effort is really showing through now that we’ve had time to implement them. It’s really starting to shape up.

A little preview of the desert biome, more coming soon.

For the social savvy followers, you might have already seen some of these images. For you, we have something particular in the works for next devlog that you’ll definitely want to stick around for. But as always, you’ll get more frequent updates on our socials: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too.

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