DevLog 16: Hidden folks

Do not fear a god who works 

Fear the god who endeavors in silence.

We’re real busy! Have been, and likely will be for the next couple of weeks! But were making some big progress towards a stable playable version of our game! New models, cooler artsytle, rotations that don’t cause the summoning of Cthulhu. You know, the works.

In other news, we had the lovely Adriaan de Jong drop by the office to talk with us and the teams here at the Indietopia. You might know him from his work at the Game Oven on Bounden, Fingle and most recently his work on Hidden Folks! We had a very eye opening talk about indie marketing, how he managed the logistics of making Hidden Folks, and our game. It was a great time and we’re super grateful that he took the time to meet us.

Spaghetti Games + Twetaal + Adriaan de Jong

As always we’d love to hear you on socials! There’s Twitter, thats a good one, oh and Facebook of course. If you’re feeling experimental we have an instagram too! See you next devlog!

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