Devlog 14: our pals

The gods of Spaghetti's pantheon would like you to think they were masters alone of the universe. Alas they are not the only pantheon. Neither the first nor the last in any regard. Pantheons have often fought for control over their universes, and few collaborate. Spaghetti's gods in a rash of good luck have found fast friends in a collection of new pantheons to the universe... Despite their dark ways.
The jury isn’t in on if it was u-topia or dys-topia before indie-topia

Welcome back everyone to another wonder devlog. As you know we were lucky enough to get the chance to work with the indietopia accelerator to help us in our debut game TerraGardens! What you might not have known is that we aren’t the only ones working with them, and there are some really cool games being built around us (it’s quite inspiring). So today I’d like to bring to your attention, some cool games and the people behind them.

Nic would like you to know it’s actually quite nice there in the summer

Fringe Planet! A eldritch horror inspired community survival game on a frosty isolated floating world surround by the void. Do your best to keep 6 disparate survivors from falling to the madness and eventually learn the dark truth of their situation? Despite the eldritch tone of the game it’s filled with a lot of fun stemming from the tension of just surviving a little longer. Nic the developer from Sigil Initivative ( a solo dev! which is super impressive), is super cool and has a really fun personality if you ever get the chance to meet him. He posts on twitter often on his own handle @Beebug_Nic about development among other things, but for official posts check out @FringePlanet.

Eldritch horrors are the new black!

We’re also working at Indietopia with the guys from Tweetal studios; Lars and Tobias! Two crazy Dutch guys working on a similarly crazy game called Crimson Resonance. A concept they hacked together for Ludum Dare 40, then decided to build into a full game with the help from Indietopia. It’s a dark atmospheric game with amazing visual and sound design. The game is quick and intense so if you like adrenaline pumping immersive games you really should play it! They have the Ludum Dare 40 demo on if you’d like a taste of whats to come. You can follow them on their escapades on twitter at @StudiosTweetal.

I hope you all give them a follow, they’re cool people and with cool games. So from us at Spaghetti Games I hope you all have a wonderful week, and we’ll see you again for next weeks devlog. As always you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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