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Press: Game descriptions and tagline

TerraGardens is a relaxing sandbox crafting puzzle game with calming stylistic design. With a focus on simplicity, TerraGardens offers a easy and inviting atmosphere to delve into the intimidating intricacy of the nature. Providing an approachable introduction to gardening, crafting, and the wider world in a comfortable mobile game.  

“A soothing self contained gardening experience”

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Press: The Team

Ewan Fenwick: Hailing from the wondrous United Kingdom, Ewan is a diabolical dungeon master and one of the core developers at Spaghetti Games.

Nikolas Lanjouw: International wunderkind and science enthusiast. Nikolas Lanjouw is Spaghetti Games Producer, Design lead and the weird one.

Deandra Basnawi: Dea comes from Indonesia and is a digital and technical artist at Spaghetti Games. A prize student of Blender guru himself.

Alice Ursu: A magical girl in disguise as a 3D and traditional artist at Spaghetti games. Aid’s Alex with business development when he can’t.

Alex Boswell: Alex Boswell wears multiple hats at Spaghetti games including PR, Business development and developer. Occasionally enjoys wearing a chef hat to cook spaghetti.

Niels Rooda: A returning face to Spaghetti games; responsible for tech development and audio. Loves rhino’s and vehemently opposes their hunting.